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Does Paint the Town by Numbers currently do wholesale?


- Yes, if you are interested about becoming a retail partner please send us an email to

Is everything I need to get started included in the kit?

- Yes, everything you need to create a wonderful piece of art is included in your kit.

Where can I purchase a paint by number for myself or a friend?

-You can purchase it through our Etsy or you can find locations near you on our About page*. 

*Each store is different, please consider calling stores ahead of time to check what kits they have in stock. 

What ages can enjoy paint by numbers?

Anyone can enjoy our paint by numbers, but it is recommended for ages 5 and up and we recommend the volcano set for young artists, so pick up a kit and start painting!

Do we ship world wide?

-Yes, although shipping costs may vary.

Ive heard about your wonderful paint filling parties, how do I get invited to one?

- Sign up for our news letter which is sent out periodic, with an invitation to our paint filling party, special offers and discounts 

Do I have to mix any paint to achieve the desired color in my kit?

-Our kits are designed by Camilla who is an art teacher, the colors in our kits are carefully chosen to create a harmonious painting experience that does not require any paint mixing.

Can I order a custom paint by number for me, my organization, or my city?

- Camilla creates each kit by hand using the same brush that comes in each kit, each kit goes through an elaborate process from bringing to end, this makes our paint by number kits truly unique. The process takes roughly a month, and the minimum order for a design is 500 kits

Keep those questions coming, if you have any other questions please feel free to email us at

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